As a student you’re always looking for cheap food choices and foodie finds. Keeping your budget in check is always a main priority – and that’s even more important when you live in an expensive city like London.

Here are some neighbourhoods in London where you can find delicious cheap food!


Brixton is the KING of cheap food, and the Brixton Market is the ultimate food experience for cheap, affordable and delicious food. You can pick up your groceries there for super cheap, but there are also loads of food stands and pop-up restaurants in the market too, for food under £5.


Another great choice because of the market and stalls available. Most of the food stands in Camden Market serve delicious food for less that £10 so there’s plenty of choice, even if you’re on a tight budget!

Brick Lane

There are some fancy bars popping up in Brick Lane and Shoreditch now, but you can still find the amazing cheap curry houses. The curry houses will throw up amazing offer like £5 for a curry, naan bread and a beer! You really can’t go wrong!


If you want cheap Chinese food, there’s no better place than Chinatown. The competition for trade and custom here is so steep that restaurants offer amazing deals to entice you in. You’ll find meal-deals, happy hour deals, theatre menus, and even cheap buffets too.

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