Taking a gap year is a perfect way for a young person to gain some life skills and experience outside the world of academia before embarking on a university degree and career.

It can sometimes feel like you go from one place of study to another, and decisions are made which can shape an entire career. It might be better if you’re unsure of what you want to study at uni, to consider having a gap year and taking some time out to think about your options and have fun in the meantime. Many gap year’ers choose to spend this time travelling, exploring new places and having some independence.

Bearing this in mind then, here are 5 amazing gap year locations to consider. 

  1. Animal Conservation in Namibia

    Many people choose Africa as a destination for gap year travelling with places like Kenya and South Africa among the most popular places. There are many countries on offer, but we think that Namibia is one of the best – especially if you are interested in animal conservation. You can volunteer at a reserve, or even work at one of the wildlife resorts.
  2. Teach English in South Korea

    It’s not the first location to come to mind when you think of teaching English in a foreign country, but South Korea is a great place for working as well as providing a jumping off place for travels around the far east.  It has just the right balance of great pay, reasonable visa requirements and other perks and benefits.
  3. Travel to Iran

    Lonely Planet recently stated that Iran “could be the friendliest country on earth.” It might not be the first place you would think of as a travel destination, especially given its war-torn neighbours, however, the beauty, history, vibrancy and friendliness of the country make it one of the top places to visit. There are a number of must-see locations, from the historical Ancient Persepolis, to the beaches of Kish and even the ski resort of Shemshak. Basically, there’s something for everyone, for every time of year!
  4. Travel to Patagonia

    Widely considered the ultimate adventure destination, the Patagonia region offers opportunity to go hiking, climbing, kayaking, trekking, and more. If you’re looking for a gap year destination which will challenge you physically, expand your mind mentally, and introduce you to completely different cultures and ways of life, then Patagonia is the place for you.
  5. Work on board a superyacht

Okay, so you’re not actually going to be able to sunbathe all day and drink champagne, you’ll be working as a member of the cabin crew, but in terms of gap year jobs, working aboard a super yacht is definitely up there with one of the best we’ve come across. You can travel the world, earn money as you explore and why choose just one destination when you can choose many!

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