You’re studying in one of the best cities in the world – and the longer you’re here – the more you change. Studying in London is like being part of an exclusive club, one where you know all the hacks, secrets and deals… and you know exactly where and when you can spend the least amount of money at any given time.

SO what else does every student in London come to learn?

Drinks in London cost 10x more than any other university in any other city.

You’ll see your friends in their ‘northern’ universities (and by this we mean anything above the M25) spending £1 on a pint and it might seem a little painful. But then, their nightlife is limited to the weekends, and their pubs shut at 11pm. London is a 24 hour city, and being a student is a 24 hour life.

The night buses are amazing and no student would function without them.

The night buses will become your life, especially because every time you want an uber at 3am there will (definitely) be some kind of extortionate surge. The night bus is ideal, it’s the cheapest way to get home, and it’s comfy enough for a quick nap too.

You only do touristy stuff when your parents / friends from home visit.

The London Eye? Nope. The Shard Observation Deck? Nope. You just won’t get round to these things until your parents visit (and consequently are willing to pick up the bill). Being a London student is so much more than visiting tourist attractions.

You know exactly where the nearest Greggs is, at all times.

Greggs is the cheapest food option out there, and in most areas of London it’s the prime spot for a quick lunch that doesn’t break the bank. If there’s no Greggs, you better cross your fingers for a Maccies or a Subway.

You rarely rock up to lectures in pyjamas (like your campus uni friends).

You’ve seen the photos on Instagram of your mates in Leeds or Birmingham rocking up to their lectures in pyjamas. In London? It’s just not going to happen. Chances are you’ve got to either get a tube or a bus to lectures, and there’s no chance your braving London public transport in your PJs.

You become judgy whenever you visit somewhere in the ‘suburbs’.

The more time you spend in London, the less good everywhere else seems. The supermarket back home shuts at 5pm on Sunday – but in London it’s open 24 hours. The local pub? In the suburbs it’s closed by 11pm, in London at your local you’re guaranteed a lock-in or at least a 1pm finish. Same goes for public transport, in London a 4 minute wait seems like the longest delay ever, but in the suburbs you’ll be looking at a 30 minute wait (and apparently that’s normal service!).

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