10 Easy Ways to Cut Down Costs When You’re a Student in London

10 easy ways to cut down costs when you’re a student in London It’s not easy to study and live in a capital city, and London is no different. If you’re not careful, it can end up very expensive. We have therefore compiled a list of 10 ways that you can cut costs down whilst […]

How Do You Know Which London University is Right for You?

Picking the right university is always a challenge, but usually there is one or two universities in a city and therefore choosing a university from somewhere like Manchester, Edinburgh, Portsmouth or Warwick is as much about falling in love with the city as well as the university.  When it comes to London though, there are […]

Our Top Picks for Student Nightlife in London

There’s so much to choose from when it comes to picking your night out in London. But luckily, students have the best choices, and usually the best fun too. Here are some must-visit bars and clubs to add to your list! Moonlighting, Soho Known for it’s themed night ‘Cheapskates’ which takes place every Wednesday – […]

The Weirdest University Courses in the UK – Part 1

You might have grown up with a medical degree in mind, or thinking you’d study maths or science. But whilst these are definitely the more ‘conventional’ choices, they’re certainly are not the most interesting! As the demand for unique educational courses grows, there are original university courses popping up around the country for students who […]