Downloading Tinder during the First year is imperative, with freshers leaving you craving more than just a drunken kiss — the search for a relationship begins. This inherent human desire for love can sometimes be taken too far, and this is where Tinder gets involved. From stalking your ex’s profile to spotting your tinder date in the student union bar, no stories about a Tinder romance are as intriguing as these. 

Rizal, a mechanical engineer undergraduate at Southampton confused Tinder with Linkedin. After getting no matches on Tinder he decided to up his game, and no, not with some bodybuilding. Rizal decided to create a detailed display of all the many reasons one should date him — from his hobby of making nicknames to his ability to cook Quorn mince. The most amusing thing about this presentation is the extensive list of references from friends and family.  Notably in these references is his ‘Ex’ who rates him 4 stars and describes how he is “not bad for a first boyfriend. Would highly recommend”

Love is all around and is very much present at Missouri State University where Hayden Moll emailed every girl with the name Claudia at the university. Hoping to find his true love that he accidentally swiped left to on Tinder. The email was sent to around 800 Claudia’s, where he describes her profile. He also mentions that if she accepts his proposal of love he would “love to take her out for doughnuts”. This romantic gesture did not go unreciprocated-as the two are supposedly dating now.

These stories might not be an incentive for you to download tinder (that’s if you don’t already have it) but what we are about to tell you will definitely be an encouragement. Tinder promised Michelle Arendas and Josh Avsec a holiday away together after their hilarious conversation. Michelle replied to Josh’s initial ‘pop up’ months late with the reply “Hey sorry my phone died!”, he then followed by apologising for his month’s late reply by blaming the fact that he “was in the shower”. This hysterical dialogue carries on for a few months before tinder intervened. Due to Josh tweeting the conversation of the pair, Tinder offered the two to meet up in Hawaii and ‘get to know each other,’ without showers and chargers disrupting their conversation.

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