The summer holidays are greatly anticipated by everyone – it’s warmer, it’s lighter for longer, and statistically more of us are happy during the summer months. Students especially really look forward to summer for a number of reasons . . . 

10 reasons students love the summer holidays

  1. No studying

    Whilst other holidays often involve revising or writing long essays, the summer holidays mark the end of term and so not only are there no classes, there is no homework or studying!
  2. Much longer break

    It’s a much longer break in the summer (almost three months!) so if you find university or college quite difficult, having a nice long summer away from it can feel like a real chance to recharge your batteries, and have a mental break from it all.
  3. Lie ins!

    Whilst it’s normal to have a (few) lie ins whilst you’re at uni, there’s always the knowledge that you should really be studying or going to class. Having guilt-free lie in’s during the summer is great!
  4. Seeing family

    All holidays offer the chance to go home and see family, but the summer holidays, because of their length, mean that you have much more time to spend with your loved ones.
  5. Seeing friends

    Going to university is usually the first time that you’ve been away from your childhood friends, and you can both change so much during the months away. Summer gives you a long time to really catch up with friends.
  6. Going abroad

    Obviously you can go on holiday at any time of the year, but summer guarantees lovely weather and with the longer time away from uni, you can explore opportunities for working abroad for the summer as well as travelling. 
  7. Weather

    British weather can be unpredictable, but on the whole it’s usually a lot nicer in the summer – giving many opportunities for barbecues, garden parties, festivals, days out, chilling in the garden and much more.
  8. Music festivals and summer events

    Summer is festival season, and there are hundreds of festivals that students can go to – larger ones such as Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading Festival, Bestival etc. or smaller, niche festivals such as Shambala, We Out Here and Timber Festival.
  9. Summer jobs

    It might not sound like a positive, but after a whole academic year of living away from home, the bank accounts can often look quite depleted. Summer offers a good long period of time to top up the bank account with seasonal jobs.
  10. Break from responsibility

    It can be quite intimidating when you first go away to university – there’s a lot of responsibility which comes all at once and can be a lot for some students to manage alongside their studies. Coming home for a longer period in the summer means that some of those responsibilities are taken away, giving a bit of relief.

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